July 17th – Anchor Bay Triathlon and the rest of the story!

This is the 6th year that I have done the Anchor Bay Triathlon. This is a special race since this was the first triathlon I ever did and it was all the fault of my daughter. She had done the race the year prior and urged me to do it with her. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Borrowed a bike and bought a speedo – did the race and was hooked.

Given this was my 6th time I raced this course you would think I would have learned something along the way. Well first rule is to arrive on time. I have a glitch with time. I never allow myself enough time to arrive to an event, party, appointment or funeral. The race started at 7:00 am and I leave the house at 6:30? Sure enough I am in transition and the gun goes off. Run down to the beach and of course I was in the first swim wave. Looked out and seen a sea of green swim caps racing off to the first buoy. Pushed though a bunch of the second wave swimmers standing at the beach while a group shouted “hey you have a green cap, your wave already left”. Laugh-Out-Loud – I guess so, was all I could say.  Swim was good, it was kinda nice – I was all by myself. Maybe this is a good thing to remember. Start late and enjoy the empty space.

Swim to Bike transition was good and I had a plan. My plan was to not use my bike shoes but use my road bike with running shoes. This way when I came in from the bike and transition to the run I would just park bike and run. Well the best laid plans . . . that statement usually means something went wrong. I picked up speed and was fine for about the first 3 miles until my quads started to feel pumped. Well of course you dummy – all quads and no hamstring use = pumped quads from no bike shoes. I pushed though it since it was only eleven miles. Flip side was my bike to run transition was faster then I have ever done in the past – 51 seconds!!!!

Run was a little tough for the first 200 yards, but surprisingly my legs loosened up just fine. My goal pace was a 7:10 shooting for just over 21 minutes. Finished with a 22:16. Fun stuff – proud of myself – never checked my time until I received a dig from a friend that came in first in our age group. He did great – last time I tell you to join me in a race.

What I did walk away with? I actually had fun! How fast and what place you is great, but racing with your children and friends are priceless.


Saturday, July 12 – Sprint Triathlon in the morning and core in the afternoon.

Sunday, July 13 – Fun 1 – 6 mile loop at Stoney.

Monday, July 14 – Strength Trained Upper Body.

Tuesday, July 15 – Swim – drills – 1800 meters and Sauna for recovery.

Wednesday, July 16 – Treadmill run: 15 minute warm-up – timed speed drills for 35 minutes and cool down for 10 minutes

Thursday, July 17 – Early Client Meeting in Rochester – went to Rochester Life Time Fitness – No Limits Class for something different and 2 mile cool down.

That’s the latest update. Don’t ever take this all too seriously – there are souls to save and people to help.

Below is a picture of the “Old As Dirt” group from the Anchor Bay Triathlon Me, David and Jim – great friends enjoying the benefits of fitness.